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Researchers developed an AI system that predicts the likelihood people will spread misinformation based on words they use

AI / misinformation University of Sheffield researchers Yida Mu and Dr. Nikos Aletra report they’ve developed an artificial intelligence system to help identify Twitter users who are more likely to share unreliable news sources. Fonte: Poynter Leia todo o texto Link:…

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As Facebook Moderates Covid-19 Misinformation With AI, Advertisers Navigate Brand Safety During The Crisis

Facebook / Covid-19 Misinformation As Facebook uses artificial intelligence to moderate Covid-19 misinformation, marketers continue to grapple with how to advertise around the crisis both on and off the platform. Fonte: Forbes Leia todo o texto Link: Leia outros textos aqui

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Facebook Wants AI to Screen Content, But Fairness Issues Remain

Facebook  / AI One of Facebook Inc.’s biggest issues in trying to stop the spread of fake news on its platform is being able to train its algorithms on good examples of truth and falsehoods. Fonte: Bloomberg Leia todo o texto Link:…

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How Will We Outsmart A.I. Liars?

A.I. / Liars During the summer before the 2016 presidential election, John Seymour and Philip Tully, two researchers with ZeroFOX, a security company in Baltimore, unveiled a new kind of Twitter bot. By analyzing patterns of activity on the social…

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Artificial Intelligence Has Some Explaining to Do

Artificial Intelligence / Explain Artificial intelligence software can recognize faces, translate between Mandarin and Swahili, and beat the world’s best human players at such games as Go, chess, and poker. What it can’t always do is explain itself. Fonte: Bloomberg Leia todo…

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