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Why Transparency Won’t Save Us

In a society beset with black-boxed algorithms and vast surveillance systems, transparency is often hailed as liberal democracy’s superhero. It’s a familiar story: inject the public with information to digest, then await their rational deliberation and improved decision making. Whether…

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New York City proposes regulating algorithms used in hiring

New York City / Algorithms In 1964, the Civil Rights Act barred the humans who made hiring decisions from discriminating on the basis of sex or race. Now, software often contributes to those hiring decisions, helping managers screen résumés or interpret video interviews.…

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Facebook Wants AI to Screen Content, But Fairness Issues Remain

Facebook  / AI One of Facebook Inc.’s biggest issues in trying to stop the spread of fake news on its platform is being able to train its algorithms on good examples of truth and falsehoods. Fonte: Bloomberg Leia todo o texto Link:…

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Facebook can’t hide behind algorithms

Facebook / Algorithms If Facebook’s algorithms were executives, the public would be demanding their heads on a stick, such was the ugly incompetence on display this week. First, the company admitted a “fail” when its advertising algorithm allowed for the targeting of…

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