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The Sociologist Who Could Save Us From Coronavirus

Sociologist / Coronavirus We all know the Chernobyl script. A badly designed reactor suffered a meltdown. The decrepit Soviet regime tried to hide the disaster. Millions of citizens were put at risk. And the truth came out. The regime paid the…

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UK’s internet use surges to record levels

UK’s internet / record levels Our annual Online Nation report shows that in April 2020, during the height of the coronavirus lockdown, UK adults spent a daily average of four hours and two minutes online. This is up from just under three and…

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How the coronavirus pandemic is changing social media

Coronavirus Pandemic /  Social Media “War is the locomotive of history,” said Leon Trotsky in 1922, arguing that social developments that would normally unfold over decades can take place in months when conflict is raging. The coronavirus pandemic is similar…

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The Amazing Disappearing Election

Election / Media agenda Over the past six months, it has seemed like every news story is about the coronavirus, or President Donald Trump’s failed response to it. It’s been a challenge for even crucial issues like racial justice and…

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New research explores how conservative media misinformation may have intensified the severity of the pandemic

Coronavirus infections / United States Coronavirus infections have surged in a number of states, setting the United States on a markedly different pandemic trajectory than other wealthy nations. Fonte: The Washington Post Leia todo o texto Link: Leia outros textos aqui

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The Coronavirus Is Delaying Elections Worldwide

Coronavirus  / Delaying Elections The coronavirus has affected daily life around the world, leaving no country untouched. In some places, the virus has created a profound political crisis, while elsewhere citizens have been heartened by their government’s even-handed and scientifically informed…

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Trump has played the media like a puppet. We’re getting better — but history will not judge us kindly.

Trump / media Traditional journalism is under siege, NBC News chief Andy Lack wrote this week: President Trump continues to “put the bully in bully pulpit,” and the coronavirus crisis has taken a toll. Fonte: The Washington Post Leia todo o texto Link:…

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