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A selection of readings on journalism – for journalists

Reading / Journalism Our updated, crowd-sourced list of resources for journalists contains some of the best books and articles about the biggest issues journalism faces. It includes essential data and research reading on the role of journalism in politics, its impact on society, pressures…

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The great remove

Journalism To become a journalist, Rajaa Elidrissi knew she would need a strategy. Growing up in a low-income household in Elmhurst, Queens, she started collecting clips at age 13. “I went to a high school that was not a high-ranking…

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You may hate metrics. But they’re making journalism better.

Metrics / Journalism FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, journalism metrics in general, and particularly reach metrics—like pageviews and unique users—have been the subject of profound suspicion within the news industry. In recent years, the negativity has intensified, even from…

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