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Facts won’t fix this: experts on how to fight America’s disinformation crisis

Experts / Disinformation Trump’s false claims about the election and coronavirus are taking a dangerous toll. Can the divide be healed? Fonte: The Guardian Leia todo o texto Link: Leia outros textos aqui

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The Amazing Disappearing Election

Election / Media agenda Over the past six months, it has seemed like every news story is about the coronavirus, or President Donald Trump’s failed response to it. It’s been a challenge for even crucial issues like racial justice and…

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Trump has played the media like a puppet. We’re getting better — but history will not judge us kindly.

Trump / media Traditional journalism is under siege, NBC News chief Andy Lack wrote this week: President Trump continues to “put the bully in bully pulpit,” and the coronavirus crisis has taken a toll. Fonte: The Washington Post Leia todo o texto Link:…

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The media amplifies Trump’s racism. Should it stop?

Media / Trump’s racism On July 15, President Donald Trump stepped onto the South Lawn of the White House for the third “Made in America” showcase. In a transcript that stretches to more than 5,000 words, he discussed manufacturing policy, immigration,…

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Empresa que atuou na campanha de Trump chega ao Brasil

Cambridge Analytica / Brasil A Cambridge Analytica, empresa pioneira no uso de psicologia comportamental com base em grandes bases de dados em campanhas políticas, está instalada em São Paulo e atua desde março. Fonte: Folha de S. Paulo Leia todo o texto…

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