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Policymakers should promote digital services competition for social media users

Former President Trump hinted this month that he may launch his own social media network. The news would no doubt be welcomed by supporters, and comes as newer social media offerings like Rumble, Clubhouse and MeWe are thriving. The variety allows users to gravitate towards platforms with features and content policies they like. Source: The Hill . Read all the paper.

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World Press Trends Outlook: Digital transformation in the driver’s seat

One of the many silver linings of the pandemic for publishers has been the ability of their organisations to adapt quickly to this changing environment. For many, this meant speeding up their digital transformation efforts. In our just-published World Press Trends Outlook report, publishers told us that accelerating their digital transformation strategy was the most important change to make. Source: World Association of…

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Why local journalism must be considered infrastructure

President Biden’s infrastructure bill has sparked debate over what qualifies. Is broadband infrastructure? Of course it is — and so are other key components of our information systems, especially local journalism.  Source: The Hill . Read all the paper.

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Does truth equal trust?

If every media outlet published high-quality, fact-checked, impartial news, the public would trust us. Right? Wrong, according to Riyad Emeran, head of content strategy, Dennis Publishing, who spoke at the AOP Crunch: Truth and Trust in Journalism event last week. Source: . Read all the paper.

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