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Explainer: What do political databases know about you?

Political database / You American citizens are inundated with political messages—on social networks, in their news feeds, through email, text messages, and phone calls. It’s not an accident that people get bombarded: political groups prefer a “multimodal” voter contact strategy,…

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How the Internet gets inside us

Internet / Information When the first Harry Potter book appeared, in 1997, it was just a year before the universal search engine Google was launched. And so Hermione Granger, that charming grind, still goes to the Hogwarts library and spends…

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Newsroom information security after Snowden

Newsroom information / Snowden While the Snowden revelations opened journalists’ eyes to surveillance and ways to encrypt information, the cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) brought home how easy and how devastating it is to be hacked. Fonte: Columbia Journalism Review…

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