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New Landmark Study on Online Gendered Abuse and Disinformation

Online gendered and sexualized abuse and disinformation against women in public life is widespread, and social media platforms are doing too little to stop it, finds a landmark study by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Moonshot CVE, with support from the Oxford…

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How the coronavirus pandemic is changing social media

Coronavirus Pandemic /  Social Media “War is the locomotive of history,” said Leon Trotsky in 1922, arguing that social developments that would normally unfold over decades can take place in months when conflict is raging. The coronavirus pandemic is similar…

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It’s time for social media platforms to grow up

 Social media / Platforms Last week was a big news week. The pandemic rolled on as the U.S. exceeded 100,000 deaths from COVID-19. Unemployment got worse. Minneapolis police started a national firestorm with the death in custody of a black…

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Social-media companies must flatten the curve of misinformation

Social-media companies / misinformation At Harvard Kennedy’s Shorenstein Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we track misinformation online. Social media is tooled to distribute financial scams, miracle-promising products and fear-mongering conspiracies alongside medical advice, school closures, news and family updates. It’s no surprise…

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Social Media Looks Like the New Opiate of the Masses

Social Media / Masses With Facebook enduring a wave of public criticism for its cavalier approach to user privacy, it’s becoming more apparent how important social media has become. I suspect it will be many years before the true scale and scope of…

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